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Exo Technical - The Birth of a New Kind of Recruitment Agency

Hello, I am Alexander Griffiths, the founder and managing director of Exo Technical Recruitment. Exo Technical was born from a clear vison, we wanted to change the way recruitment agencies are seen. I have always been involved in recruitment, when I grew up as a young boy my parents ran a family recruitment agency. I can remember being off sick from school as a 5 year old boy and being sat under my mums desk in her office listening to everything that was going on.

When I left school, my first job was as an admin assistant for the family business. I then progressed to junior consultant, which involved helping the senior recruitment consultants with their daily job. Once I had experienced the excitement of recruitment life I was hooked, I found everything so interesting and fulfilling.

Over the years I went through the career motions and did nearly every job in the company at some point, over the years I had worked in all departments, payroll, branch operations, recruitment law and human resources. After 17 years I eventually ended up at the top and worked as operations manager before deciding to launch my own company. based on the ethics of the family business but with an injection of modern technology.


Exo Technical - A recruitment agency you can trust

A modern recruitment agency with traditional values

I was always brought up to value every worker and client with the upmost respect. Too often, recruitment agencies are quick to cut corners in order to make a sale. We all hear the horror stories of bad experiences working with recruitment agencies or consultants.

My time working with the family agency had taught me to treat everybody exactly as I would like to be treated myself. Yes, you may lose business or not be able to fill a vacancy, but honesty will always be valued and once trust is built then you can keep a good relationship forever. When we work with employers of jobseekers then we want to work with them for life.

Exo Technical was founded on the traditional values of trust and honesty but to incorporate modern technology to make the whole process of hiring a new employee or finding a new job as stress free as possible.

Once I had decided to go it alone the first step was to find the right team to work with. I had a very strict criteria. Anybody who wanted to work as a consultant for Exo Technical had to be able to play by my rules and uphold the companies core values. Something that makes us different is that fact that none of the recruitment consultants at Exo Technical are paid commission for sales. I am a true believer that commission can make a good consultant make bad decisions that are in conflict with our mission of trust and honesty at all times.


Recruitment consultants that have your best interests at heart

Trust and honesty for employers and job seekers

Not paying commission is almost unheard of for a recruitment agency but all our team are committed to the vision of providing great service to everybody. When working with Exo Technical, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are working with a recruitment consultant that isn’t doing things or making decisions based on lining their own pockets.


We have your best interests at the heart and believe that over time this will payoff tenfold.


We have now been running for just over two years and are exceeding all expectations. We are the highest rated local recruitment agency on google reviews. The feedback from clients is outstanding and our ethics are paying off with an amazing repeat business ratio. We have many, many job seekers and employers approach us because we have been recommended by a college of theirs.

When choosing a recruitment agency to work with, Exo Technical Recruitment will exceed all your previous expectations and experiences. This I can personally guarantee.

Alexander Griffiths


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